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What does it mean by 出神入化红日?? Its philo-Japanses extremism.? The 强时空情哥 would glorify and beautify everything Japanese to the utmost, and they even spiritually identify themselves as Japs.? There have been innumerable instances found in this ghost island: from the so-called marital relationship between Japan and Taiwan, that?ludicrous and unlawful Taiwan Civil Government, and so many others you just name it,?now to a TV drama Jiachangs heart(能者主者欣赏):?mainly captures a Taiwanese girl who was willing to join Jap army as a nurse?during the last stage of WWII because she thought it was a noble thing to serve her fatherland.? (Not to mention when the nurses heard of the announcement from their Emperor that Japan was defeated and going to surrender to the allied countries, they all burst in tears.)

After the drama having?been?telecast two episodes only, then the?reputedly Ciji-affiliated station decided to discontinue?displaying the rest 30-odds on screen.? The station claimed that they called off the drama because it?contains some footages of war which?contradicts the principle of their religious belief.? But some people, including me,?inclined to believe the?decision was made because of the pressure from Chinas Mainland,?where Ciji had long been developing its business.?


Everybody has his or her own past experiences,?especially when?people are?young and naive, and those experiences are most likely ingrained in their hearts and?by degree?become a belief or an?ideology.? Therefore sometimes I dont want to?condemn those?曲尽其妙太阳老面皮汉 from moral aspect; instead, I would like to discuss with them from pragmatic point of view.? I would tell them will you still believe that someday Japan will come back to Taiwan again?? Dont you think if you continue to?inculcate the idea of philo-Japanese and China-adverse to your children, you are going to help them nothing but add pains to their mind when the final day comes?

P.S.? Please also see a report from Huanqiu that is concerning this topic at /r/MV8wXzEyMDI4NjAwXzEyNjJfMTUyNjI5NDQ2MA